basics about loot, what to do with all this stuff?

Dragon and building stats extracted from data files
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basics about loot, what to do with all this stuff?

Postby Braxton » Wed May 16, 2018 1:10 am

Hi there,

I'm just starting out, only about level 5. This is what happens to me with every new RPG I play, but I'm feeling kinda stuck already because I'm picking up basically everything I can find, and not quite sure what to do with most of it.Obviously, if it's a weapon or armor that's an upgrade, I equip it. But I'm getting all kinds of random stuff, worms, meals, food type stuff...what stuff should I not even bother with?Also, even when I think it's something I can't use, I'm hesitant to sell...I thought you could break down items for parts, so I thought I'd do that, but when I went to the anvil and tried to deconstruct, the green weapons/armor I'm not using aren't showing up (most are quest rewards).Crafting is my favorite part of Skyrim, so I'd really like to get into crafting...I'm assuming I should hoard ores, flowers, wood, etc? Basically anything that can be used for crafting.

Please help.

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