Help with trading and guilds?

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Help with trading and guilds?

Postby Braxton » Wed May 16, 2018 1:08 am

Hi there,

Alright... I am an old fan of TES, but totally new to MMOs (this is my first one) and, boy, am I lost....
I am quite happy to do my own thing all on my own, the way I am used to, but have no idea how to interact with other players. Of course I do realise this is a massive limitation in this kind of game. Two main things I don't quite understand are how the whole trading system works and the role of guilds. I mean, can I just sell my stuff (or buy stuff from) to normal NPCs who own stores, or can I only trade with other players? I did try to trade with some of them, but unsuccessfully...Also, as for the guilds, once I join them am I stuck into only doing what the guild is doing? In other words, what are the constraints and benefits of joining one? Will I still be able to do quests on my own?I am sure these all sound like silly question to the average MMOer out there but, believe me, for someone who's never played the genre this is all soooo overwhelming.

Please help.

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Re: Help with trading and guilds?

Postby Carter Hawkins » Fri Jun 01, 2018 1:52 am

I like to play on this games too! When I was a student I spent a lot of time playing in this games!

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