Game mechanics just too difficult?

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Game mechanics just too difficult?

Postby vixomorori » Wed Jun 27, 2018 9:09 pm


I've started this game as a complete noob, having no experience whatsoever. Now I've played roughly 30 hours and came to a very frustrating conclusion: I still can't manage to reliably hit a ball and not completely fail from time to time. Does this mean that I'm a noob? Maybe, but so is everyone else playing with similar amount of hours. I'm playing mostly with friends and all of them report the same thing. And not only this, but nearly every player I'm facing in ranked that's not SUPER good is failing likewise, resulting in 3 players jumping and not hitting a slowly moving ball. I don't know exactly what's making it so hard, but it's easy to attritube it to at least one thing: the camera. It's just frustratingly confusing. In the suggestions part there's literraly dozens of thread just addressing the camera. As I know there's a lot of yearslong players here who won't understand what I'm saying (or don't want to here what I'm saying), let me tell you that I'm the kind of player Psyonix want to get: new ones. And I can tell you right now: the game's learning curve is really too fucking slow.

Any help will be apprecited.

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