In the eyes of my classmates and te

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In the eyes of my classmates and te

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In the eyes of my classmates and teachers, I have always been a good boy who loves to study and work hard. She often wins prizes in various competitions. In this semester, I also won the special prize in the school speech bout three weeks ago, Niu teacher asked me, Xue Yan, Zhao Pengyi and other eight students to participate in the school's poetry reading competition. Our eight students passed the five levels, and the six will finally succeed. They successfully became school representatives to participate in the center school recitation competition. In the center school competition, we cooperated very well, and played well on the spot. It stood out among many contestants and successfully won the first title and entered the city's reading competition.fter returning, we have not had time to wake up from the joy of the award. Teacher Niu suddenly said to us: "We received a notice from the central school that it was in the competition Marlboro Cigarettes Price. The facial expressions of the individual students in the back row were not very good and needed to be replaced." And I just stood in the back row! I couldn't help but be scared, for fear that I would be replaced. Can change and think: No, I am the first in the senior speech of the whole school!owever, reality and expectations are often the opposite. How much hope there is, how big is disappointment. When I finalized the list of performances, I and the other two students were replaced. The remaining students are still working hard, but we can only watch silently in the classroom, crying silently... Everyday, I can always hear the students who are staying talking about the rehearsal Cheap Cigarettes. . Looking at them, an inexplicable sense of loss that has never been seen before comes to my heart. I feel like an orphan who has been abandoned by people, so lonely!t this time, I have too many complaints. I think that my project is doing very well, and why did the teacher replace me? I went home and talked to my mother about the grievances I have suffered these days Cheap Cigarettes Free Shipping. My mother said to me with great enthusiasm: "Yan Yan, everyone has some shortcomings Carton Of Newports, everyone is not perfect. You are replaced, maybe your smile is not natural enough, or your reading is not very good! It may also be somewhere else, the ability is strong, and you happen to be in that place, so don't be sad, be sure to compare them with them in the dark! You must take good care of this 'hard-won' frustration Marlboro Lights, learn Make up for each other! Mom believes in you, you fter listening to my mother's words, I seem to understand the truth: there are no perfect people in the world. Even if there is something beautiful in the beauty, I should be optimistic about life, optimistic about the difficulties encountered in life, not frustration, not even crying. Otherwise, not only hurt yourself, but also hurt your parents' hearts! I want to be like my mother said, ��must take the frustration of this ��not easy��! ��

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