Dragon and building stats extracted from data files
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I'm a big fan of this game since long time ago, and recently I've been trying some board games to play between friends.I became hooked quickly and I thought, which is the closest board game to capitalism? And there is no game close enough.So, having a so well designed mechanics and gameplay, wouldn't it be very reasonable to build one? Also, it's very easy to innovate and make things different in the world of board gaming. For example, I would add an app to do all the calculations as well as a luck/dice alternative.Why it would be a good product? Of course I don't have all the insights of the industry, but first, building interactions with the other players when you can see them in the eyes makes you stronger in negotiation, and the reality of the game trains you better. Also, board games are not practically affected by piracy and they are a very loyal-consumer niche. And, of course, being able to play with friends you can offer it as a learning tool to all MBA's wannabes.

Please help.

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