Breeding record management software

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Breeding record management software

Postby Braxton » Fri May 18, 2018 5:12 am


I have came across a bird breeding program that is as good as any other and at a very good price then the rest of the breeding software out there and as equal and even better then the rest of the bird breeding software , it has everything and for around $15 AU well worth it .
You can try the program for yourself for free and if it suites you then you can just buy it ..but for the price you can not go wrong you can also put photos and keeps all your pedigree of your breeding records it's fantastic for me anyway and I just thought ill share it .The programmer of the software also has his sight on mobile phone and iPads Apps for Apple or Android and probably the first ever bird breeding program any idea.?

Please help.

I did not find the right solution from the internet.

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