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Best advice on writing

Postby faithhines » Wed Feb 13, 2019 3:43 am

Pay attention to the structure!
You probably know how an essay pattern looks like: you have an introduction that includes a thesis statement, three paragraphs with arguments that support that statement, and a summarizing conclusion. It’s strange how students manage to get out of this structure when they know it so well. You might think that writing according to the flow of your thoughts is the right thing to do, but inspiration won’t take you anywhere if you don’t put it into a proper academic structure.
Write clean paragraphs with nice transitions. You can never go wrong with the basic 5-paragraph form; everything else is a huge risk.
Use big words strategically
It doesn’t matter what most guides say… big words make you look smarter, period. This doesn’t mean you should express yourself in a language like no one understands. Don’t try to infuse Latin terms or the ‘word of the day’ in your SAT essay. However, you can spice everything up with some strategically positioned smart words. Do not misuse terms just because they seem cool; work on your vocabulary before taking the exam and make everything sound natural.

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